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'04 Camry i4 STOLEN, ignition drilled out - what parts?

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I've never done a repair like this before, I want those who have done stuff like this before to chime in regarding difficulty, and how many different parts I might need. This previously nice Camry was stolen by idiots who joy-rided it around coastal Calif for 36 hours, cops returned the car. Damage to all 4 corners of the car, plus they drilled out the ignition. Car still has value, will not start now. I have to do the repair myself. The bodywork, paint damage I can do, but this ignition thing, yikes..! Can you fill me in on how tough this might prove, what parts...?
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If you can get the cylinder to turn to acc position its will be easy to do. If you can, remove the plastic covers over the steering column, then there is a hole on top of the cylinder, put something that fits inside eg (a hex key) and turn the key again to the acc position, the hex key should drop down a bit more and this unlocks the cylinder to be removed. Pull on it and it will come out. Insert the new one with the key in the acc position and it will snap into place
Have a look on YouTube
omeone else had a similar problem, and there's a YouTube with something like 3-4 different methods, including a final brute-force solution if nothing else works.
Keep records of damage and cost, yes, it's improbable, but they might snag the thieves someday.
I made a video on the ignition key and its function on a Corolla. I'd assume its a very similar setup to the Camry.

There's two security bolts you'll need to cut or tap out with a punch to get the ignition lock assembly off the steering column. At the back of the lock assembly is the switch, which can be operated with a screwdriver. I'm assuming you don't have an engine immobilizer on your Camry?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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