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04 Corolla S rim update...

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Hey everyone,

Just in case you forgot, I have a silver 04 corolla s. For those who responded to my questions, I appreciate it a lot! So I went back to the place asking if they can get me a better deal for the ICW Racing Trident 786H wheels that come in Hyper Silver. They said they can do a $989.50 wheel package to include the 4 rims, 215/40/17 kumho tires, new lugs, wheel balance, and installation. I was asking this guy a bunch of questions, but I think he thought I was dumb or something haha... Hey, I'm a newbie at this. So is this a good deal?

Anyway, I asked wouldn't the spedometer will be off if I get those types of tires but he said that's what the recommended tire size is for the 17" rims (for a corolla s) I want to get and the spedometer should still read correctly. Is he BSing me?

Also, I spoke to him that I DON'T want to lower the car. Since when getitng new rims, you should try to keep the diameter as close to the stock as possible. If that's the case, wouldn't it look weird to have a skinny tire but large rim and the gap is still there? I've seen pictures of Corolla S's ( that have 17" rims and stuff but they didn't lower their car and it still looks fine. The reason why I'm asking is because the last thing I want is to have a big looking gap after taking off the stock wheels and being replaced with a skinny-looking overall wheel... I hope you guys know what I'm talking about. It's hard to explain.

But if you guys can help me out I'd appreciate it!! I need advice.

Thanks again :)

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