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'04 corolla tape deck

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I'm looking to take out my aunt's '04 cd player and put in a tape deck for her. She probably won't like anything by Kenwood or Sony, so I was wondering what previous year Corolla's radios would fit. Or how much is it to buy an '04 tape deck from the dealer. Thanks!
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You headed down the road of my BIGGEST beaf with Toyota Motor Corporation. The curvature of the 03/04/05 Corolla dash (and radio) makes the selection of any head unit a PITA. While you can probably buy a "single" DIN head unit with cassette deck (hummm pretty rare these days), you'll need to buy the faceplate/dash cover since the stock radio is a "double" DIN. Every faceplate I've ever seen has had a small space above or below for junk storage (or dust collection) which IMHO looks unfinished and ugly as sin. Now I "suspect" that previous Corolla years will fit...but won't fit the curvature of the dash.

I would take a look around at some of the audio installers (I checked out Best Buy to actually see the faceplate in person.)
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