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04 hil v6 ps pump leak

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170,000 miles, whats the best path?
some type kit or a whole new pump? oem or aftermarket? I will have an expensive indie shop do it- have not talked to them yet. has a weep= spots on cardboard under the car, super slow weep
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New pump, OEM. Don't go with one of those aftermarket knockoffs, I did that once with my 02 HL, pump whined like a police siren, had to go back to a reman OEM which is working OK.
It may not be the pump. My HL started with a small weep and progressively got worse over a year. When I looked at it it appeared as if it was the pump. But upon further inspection it turned out to be the high pressure line. It had a rust hole and the liquid would run down on the top of the line and start to drip near the pump.
I’ve learned in life leaks often follow the path of least resistance!
If it is indeed the pump, just flush it out with some maxx life transmission fluid. It has seal conditioners that will soften those seals and get you another 100k miles out of that pump.
edward1, I'm in agreement with cerivera, it is most likely either the high pressure line or it could be the low pressure line that runs along the subframe and back up to the PS reservoir. Believe it or not that stupid line changes from metal to rubber to metal to rubber to metal and back to rubber. The metal rusts and eventually leaks. It's about the duh-dummest thing I've seen on a Toyota. I modified mine after the metal part next to the frame sprung a leak for a second time. I ran it in rubber PS line so the goofy thing can rust no more. Haya....
BTW- the leak also could be at the compression type fitting at the high pressure outlet of the pump. That copper/aluminum seal ring can go bad. Mine did. I replaced same with a new copper seal ring and cured the leak.
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