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I'm new to the forums, but not to toyotas. I've had plenty of toyota cars, but never a truck. So i just have a few questions (some in which may sound really newbie.).

I have a 04' base reg cab(2wd). It has the 5 lugged 15'' on it. I'm looking for rims and tires to give the truck a more 'mean' stance. I began my search to find tires, rims and a possible 2.5 or 3'' lift. Sadly, i can only find 4x4 or prerunner lifts. I've found a couple rims(I was looking at 16') and tires, but after reading around, i wanted to know the people here at the TN forums opinon's. How big can i go(tires/rims/lift)? Is there any lift for a 2wd? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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