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04 Tacoma DBL Cab Speakers

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I have a 2004 Tacoma Double cab and I'm having trouble finding speakers that sound better that the stock speakers. My goal is to use the stock head unit and get some better speakers that can handle a little more bass than the stock speakers. If you have and suggestions please help. (I'm not looking to put subs or an amp in)

Here's what I've tried: I installed a alpine (spr57ls) 5x7 and 1" tweeter in the passenger side door panel. I turned on the stereo so I could hear the difference between the speakers. To my dismay, the bass of the stock speaker sounded like a 10" woofer compared to the new alpine speaker. This was unacceptable because I was trying to get a better (more stable) bass sound. Some one told me it was because the stock stereo did not have enough watts to push the new speaker. I bought a high powered reciever 50 per channel (22 watts rms). I installed it and the alpine speaker still sounded flat. I got a replacemt set of alpine's just to make sure it wasnt a bad speaker and the sounded the same. Next I tried a set of sony xplod 5x7 speakers figuring that these did not need a lot of power to run them. I installed them in the passenger door and it sounded the same as the alpine's. I have returned all the equiptment except for the xplod speakers so I'm starting from scratch again.
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I'm still pretty new to sounds, but I put in a pioneer deck w/ the same 22 watt output as yours, and for speakers I used Kicker 6.5s / 6s. Compared to my stock speakers the sound was way better. Bass output is much stronger, and to me sounds a lot tighter/cleaner.

Btw, I isntalled them in a '97 Extracab Taco.
Toyota has nice sounding factory stereo systems. If you want to imrove your sound, you really need to replace the the factory head unit and get an appropriate sized amp for the replacement speakers. If you just want more bass, keep everything factory and ad a powered subwoofer like a bazooka tube. Alpine and Sony are also not the best speaker manufacturers. The speakers you bought may have also been on their lower end. I would replace everything and be sure to use quality components and wiring. It's important to supply speakers with an appropriate amount of power, a head unit alone can't do that. Last, make sure everything is properly installed.
I have an 04 ex cab and I did pretty much the same thing you did with the speakers and radio and I was on a real limited budget. I got an Alpine 9833 head unit used off one of my friends dirt cheap (he hated it-not user friendly) which pushes 60w max to each speaker(27w RMS), removed the stock speakers in the back and put in Infinity Kappa 5x7s and 6X8 Kenwoods in the front (already had these from previous vehicle) and I can tell you this set-up sounded like total garbage. I picked up a two channel amp (50x2) and ran them to the rear speakers and they sounded better, but Infinitys are crap-the stock speakers had better bass--the Kappas come with external crossovers and its all treble no bass or midrange. I wish I saved my money originally and just ran a four channel amp to the stock speakers and it would have been a lot cheaper and I'm sure it would have sounded better. So now around summer I'll be looking for a 4 channel amp, components in the front and new 5x7's in the rear ---any recommandations anyone?--Cant wait to blow another 500 dollars. Point is if your not going to rum an amplifier-dont bother doing 2 cents and then some.
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Try one of the stereo stores that have a display lounge..let's you match an assortment of speakers to assorted radio, and amps.
hey loop -- sorry verbose post...

I've got an 04 dcab... I'm running an alpine deck (something-something-47 if memory serves), infiniti 6810cs/reference in the front doors, 682.7cf/kappa in the rear doors, and a kenwood ksc-sw1 (powered sub) behind the driver-side rear seat (yes BEHIND the seat -- w/ no modification to the behind-seat area) All purchased from crutchfield. Chatted w/ a couple of their online reps <- pretty cool.

I was looking to accomplish a few things:
(a) full sound
(b) must appear stock (monster, monster garage... hahaha)
(c) take up no space in the passenger compartment

- overall experience -
I'm very happy w/ the setup. The bass is not earthshattering or anything, but the sound is nice and full. The sub fills in the bottom just right. I did run this setup minus the sub for a while, but felt like it needed just a little bit more low end. I am not running any external amps. The speakers (except for the sub) are powered by the deck. I've also got my ipod aux'd in and it rocks! -- $15 aux cable from crutchfield (I swear I don't work for them) + the sik imp (

- door speaker install note -
I'm not sure if the infiniti door speakers woulda been an *instant-fit*/swap w/ the stock spkrs, cuz I removed quite a bit of material when I tried to fit some polks (long story). Oh, and I hadda trim the stock black plastic mounting brackets in the front quite a bit... But they fit *now*.

For the front tweeters I dremel'd the stock tweeter grilles (removed the center section w/ the 'pin-holes') to flush mount the ones that came w/ the 6810's.

- other options -
Couple of other things you might consider:
(a) the 'mid-setting' hack for the stock deck will help to fill the sound, the main problem I had w/ this solution was that I kept forgetting to turn the radio off before the truck. more info here:
(b) if you find yourself still wanting more bass, and are willing to go beyond the door speakers:
- (ppl on ttora have been really happy w/ Jeremy's work),
- (talked to a guy on customtacos who had this and he liked it)

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