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04 Toyota Highlander Transmission Oil Cooler

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I have a 2004 Toyota Highlander Limited V6 3.3L 3300CC and I need a transmission oil cooler. I've paid someone to get a quote and they were too expensive. The problem is they won't give me the dimensions so I can check around. Isn't there a way to put my VIN number in somewhere on some site that will tell me what one I need or the dimensions?? HELP!!!!!!
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I went through this a year ago with my 06 LTD. You have two economical options, both easy DIY for anyone with a little auto shop experience: Option 1, suitable if you never tow anything, is simply bypass the external trans cooler entirely. Option 2 (what I did) is throw away the OEM cooler and replace with e.g. Hayden, mounted in front of AC condenser. The Hayden cost me about $45, plus another $10 or so for hose. Even a "discount" Toyo dealer on the OEM cooler is going to be > $300. There is no magic here.
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