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BrianOwens said:
I know you found it but here is it anyway.

-Pop the lower trim panel off with 2 flathead screwdrivers on both top corners of the HVAC controls.

-Then pull at the bottom of the Top Trim Peice with your hands, pull out then up. Unclip the Clock/Temp harness.

-Use 10mm Socket wrench with extension and unscrew the 4 brass screws holding the radio and cage in.

-Pull the radio out, but it wont come out far, you will have to reach begind with a small screwdriver or something equvilent and push in the tabs of the connectors.

-Once removed you can take out the 4 screws holding the cage to the radio, and use the Factory cage for some thing else Double DIN...or you can get a dash kit.

Thats the description of the process, I will post pictures later
couldnt have said it better myself
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