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05 Corolla CE

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Hello All,
I am new to this site I am looking for help. I just got this new 05 Corolla and when I try to fill up the car it keeps shutting off the pump. I have to stand there holding the handle so the pump moves very very slow in order to get any gas in the car. I have tried moving the pump in and out side to side everything but it does not work does any one else have this problem or is it just my car.:confused:

Thanks in advance for your help
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I think most gas station requires you to stand there and hold the handle or else it wont pump. But if you're talking about how when you hold the pump and it would stop the happened to me at a few gas station..i'm not too sure why..maybe someone has some input on this...
If you mean the handle keeps clicking off as you squeeze it, that's supposed to happen when the pump senses backpressure - usually only when the tank is nearly full. If it's happening when the tank is low then it sounds like a real problem - maybe an obstuction in the filler tube or the tank isn't vented properly.
I'd take it to your dealer, if there is a problem it should be covered under the warranty.
I will have to take it in thanks for the help...:)
I will have to take it in thanks for the help...:)
I don't think you want to spend the $$$ to take it on for this - it seems to depend on the "shape"/curvature of the nozzle and/or the flow rate of the gas being pumped and/or the "angle" you have the nozzle inserted. I've had this problem randomly, and it seems to happen when gas flow rate is high (likely being splashed off sides of filler tube and tricking the pump into thinking it's backpressure and shutting off), and at certain stations (or perhaps at stations that use a certain brand gas pump....) Dunno the exact reason, but it's likely not a "defect" in your car, just a slight compatability problem with certain pumps (and that can vary - it happens sometimes, and other times not, on the same gas pump locally, but seems to coincide with just how fast the pump is pumping.) And try to ensure that the nozzle is inserted straight and centered ....meaning, park your car with the gas cap as close as possible in line with the gas pump nozzle......We've had our ;05 Corolla since April, and this has happened MAYBE 10 times, if that....
I mean, if you want to take it to the shop, more power to you, but I'd expect you to recieve word that there's nothing wrong with your car.
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I will try some different gas stations and try lining it up like you said. I do not want the dealer to get any more of my money then I have to give them.
Thanks again for the help:)
Yeah PhantomS is right, it's all the angle that the nozzle is at
there are alot of recalls lately on that sorta problem... especially with the 05 mustangs. Its a problem with your gas tank. Take it in and have them change it out. There might even be a TSB on it.
I have that same problem at certain gas'a all about the angle and the pressure
Well I took it in to the dealer and there is a problem with a valve in the gas tank....So under warranty they are replacing the gas tank for me... Thanks for the reply's:D
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