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05 electric doorlocks problem

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I bought a '05 Corolla without keyless entry but with electric locks. I also bought from Bulldog Security a keyless entry kit #1702. This kit includes a module, 2 keyless flobs, and instructions. On Bulldog's websiite they show how to install the module and which wires to tap into. They even have pictures of how to install. I have installed many keyless entry kits for other cars from Bulldog.

My problem is that the doors will lock and unlock with the flob if the drivers side door is open. If I close the door the doors will lock but not unlock with the flob. The flob will unlock the doors if I unlock the drivers side door first with the key then press the unlock button on the flob, the other 3 will unlock. Also, sitting in the car with the key removed from ignition I can lock the doors with the electric door lock button on the side of the door but cannot unlock the doors with the electric door lock button unless I unlock the drivers side, door press the unlock buton, then the other 3 will unlock.

I am new to this forum. Sorry for the long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mark
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sounds like you missed a wire, or a couple.. did u try rewiring it?
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