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I thought I would add a detailed description of my truck. I aslo have several pic of it on my photobucket albums. check them out

This one has some older pictures of the truck. It also has 5 pictures of a truck that is not mine, the ones with the dirt bike in the bed. That is where I got the idea for the black hood.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

This is a new album with new pictures taken for the sale of the truck FS/

Hi and thanks for the intress in my truck. I'm going to put down all the info I can think of about the truck. It is alittle dissorganized and long winded but detailed. If you have any questions or would like to arange a test drive please feel free to ask

Up for sale is my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, double cab, 4x4 with elocker, 5ft bed TRD off road package, tow package, leer car, ps, pb, pm, pw, pl, cc. The truck has just under 110,000 mi on it, alot of them are hwy miles.

I have it listed up on ebay and started bidding out at a $1 I have the reserve on at around kbb (15k) but please feel free to make offers as I do expect or hope she to go for just alittle more than that and would be more than willing to close the auction early

-This truck has a Leer 780 mid rise cap with removable sliding front window, carpeted inside, 2 lights (one AA batt powered the other wired into the truck) It has a cargo net on the roof that is good for stoying towels, cloths, etc. On top of the cap is a Thule roof rack system. The feet can be slid up and down the tracks, The Thule feet are lockable so they can't be taken off without a key. The square load bars are made for Thule add ons but work with others as well. Included with the rack is an older Thule cargo basket that I rattle canned the sides of silver to match the step tubes on the truck, its been a few years so they could use to be touched up. It also comes with a large Thule wind deflector. Not included is the Thule Bike rack.

-When I put the cap on in 07 I also put on a pair of Helwig add a leaf helper springs on the rear to stop the rear from sagging. it stll looks leval and takes a heavy load very well.

-DEI Viper 2way pager alarm remote start. It is so nice having a remote start in the winter, just being able to start the truck and warm it up while you relax indoors is just nice. The 2way remote lets you know whats going on with the truck, if it running, if the alarm has been set off and even tells you what set it off (door, shock, hood, trunk) There is a bright blue flashing led on the steering collom to let people know that there is an alarm. It also has progressive unlock so when you hit unlock once the drivers door unlocks, hit it twice and all the doors unlock. There is a high pitch siren in the cab as well that will drive anyone who shouldn't be in the truck out.

-Truck has cruise controll

-AVS in channle rain vents. They look like they are factory. I will also includ an AVS bug shield for the hood.

-The hood has some custom true fire blue flames air brushed onto it. they really do look cool I just can't seem to get a good pic of them. The hood should be cleared to finish it off and give it alittle more depth.

-The windshield has had a rockchip in it since 07. I had it filled when it happend but you can still see it above the drivers line of sight.

-There is a black mesh Grillcraft grill on the front of the truck.

-Toyota aluminum front skid plate at the front looking good with the heavy TRD off road skid plate under the truck protecting it.

-16" Toyota rims with yokahomma geolanders on them. They were put on the truck this summer.

-Truck has been debadged for a cleaner look, also makes waxing the truck easyer

-Magnaflow catback exhaust. It has a nice deep tone when you are on the gas and quits right down when you are just cruising along.

-K&N intake

-In the bed of the truck a several cleats that can be moved up and down the tracks. some reg sized ones and some mini ones. The bed also has two covered storage boxes, I found them usefull for soring the hitch and tow straps.

-Tacoma rubber bed matt. This is a must have as without it stuff just slides around the plastic bed like an ice rink

-In the bed also is a 400w ac power inverter that is opperated from a switch on the dash. You can plug anything into it that doesn't use alot of power like xmass lights.

-4.0 v6 with automatic trans

-The truck has a 6500lbs tow rating. I will include the 7 pin to 4 or 5 pin addapter.

-The truck has a nice ses idiot light that pops up on the dash every 5k to let you know its time for the oil to be changed. I hate looking at that light so I've changed the oil every 5k or so. When I first got the truck I changed the oil at 100, 500, 3k and then every 5k. I've changed the diff and transfercase oil a few times. It is time for the 100k trans service to be done.

-I used one of the blank switch spots in the truck to mount a nice rocker switch to op the hella fog lights on the light bar

-Defiant Light/rue bar is on the front bumpe and imho looks great. It has 3 mounting tabs for lights but I only have 2 hella slimline fog lights on it. They light the road up nicely

-The overhead console contanes a sunglass holder and a digital compass with outside temp. I've read that some people have a problem with them not working but mine has never given me any probs

-The AC and heat on the truck work great

-The truck has the factory 6disc in dash changer amfm radio with steering wheel controlls. This is the first car I've had with steering wheel controlls and I love them. The radio has a usaspec dftoy aux box on it. This gives you two more aux inputs for the radio. I used one for my ipod and the other for sirius sat radio, the sat radio is no longer in ght truck but the ant is still on top.

-TRD off road matts (all 4) They came with the truck but I didn't keep them in there all the time. When they were in the truck I ushally had some all weather matts on top of them so they are in really good shape but a shampooing couldn't hurt.

-At 103k I put a new set of Yakahoma Geolander HTS and they are on size taller than stock 265-75-16 (stock is 265-70-16) This makes the speedo that always read alittle fast read exactly right so when it says you are doing 70, you are really doing 70. I had the tires put on at MR Tire, I'm not sure if the road hazard will transfer over but I will include all the paperwork I have. I also had the alinement done when the tires were done so that should still be spot on.

-Tacoma black door sills. This is one of the first things I added to the truck

-Factory silver step tubes with black foot grips. They look great on the truck and are sturdy

-The title has a lien on it threw first financial federal credit union. So when the check/money goes into the act and clears the title can be picked up at the office on York rd or be mailed to the new owner.

-The pass door has a good size scratch in it. Ther is a small scratch in the drivers door. There are acouple of other small dents and scrapes around the truck. The kind that you the owner will know about but most other people will never see.

Well I've tried to list out everything I could think of here. I hope you like what you see and give this truck a good home.

Thanks again JR
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