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'05 Taco - Dirt smell through A/C

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I recently made trip out of town and drove on dusty roads for a couple of days. It's now been a month and everytime I turn on my A/C I smell that dusty mist for the first few seconds. Ideas on how to get rid of that smell?:confused:
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Get in your truck and turn on the heat . Have someone sit on the cowl and let one rip. You wont have the dirt smell any longer.:D :D :D
If you have an '06 try replacing the cabin air filter. It might have excessive dirt trapped in it which could smell.

'05s don't have the filter from the factory, but '06s do.

Here's info on the location of the filter.
I have an '05, so I don't have the cabin filter. Any ideas?
Got an air compressor? Maybe used some compressed air and blow it in the cabin filter area and blow the ducts out? Or spray some Febreeze in there while the fan is on?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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