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05 Toy squeaks in reverse

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Has anyone out there had a problem when backing up the truck squeaks like a broken shock. If I roll back in nuetral it is quiet.
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it's coming from the rear of the transmision, in nuetral rolling bach it does not squeak
Could still be u-joint...rolling back in neutral there is no pressure on the joint....does it squeak when you are just starting off.should be kind of a chirping sound like a small bird?? Try backing up a slight many kms or miles on truck? factory u-joints are all greasable
The sound is comming from the area of the front u joints, there are no grease fitting on them. I have 112000 miles on the Taco. It squeaks all the time in reverse and you describbed the sound. Sounds like I will be replacing the u joints. Thanks for the help!
No problem..glad to help a fellow taco grease fittings???...geez I just checked mine and it does have them...they are original as I bought mine with 50 kilomters on the odo.
There should be grease fittings. Might be worth hitting them with some grease. You might squeak a few extra miles out of them.
just double checked no grease fittings
It was the front u-joints, and now have grease fittings on them.

Thanks for the help
It was the front u-joints, and now have grease fittings on them.

Thanks for the help
Again, did you have a prerunner or a 4x4? The 4x4 has zerks. No question about that.
^^Ye, PreRunners have sealed u-joints, no zerks. Don't forget to replace the rear transmission seal with the updated "double lip" part.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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