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05 Xrs

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Hey everyone, Im new to this car modding ish. I was into bikes before my best friend died infront of me last year. I decided to quit biking adn taking up carz. This is for the best and its gonna help with the new baby on the way.

So my question to you guys is how can I mod my car for the best intake/exhaust. I dont plan on turbo/supercharing this thing, since there is nothing out there. Its a peppy lil 4banger but it does the trick. It has no balls in the low end but get it around 4grand it comes alive.

I wanna know how I can boost the low end. Is there even a C.A.I. for this new 05 model? If so let me know where its at, so I can buy it. I'll start off with that. All ive done to the XRS is tinted the windows and have had a killer stereo system installed.

BTW is the 2004 Corolla S and the XRS share the same body design? ex: front headlights, tail lights, etc...

If anyone can help me out i'd appreciate it. Thanx guys for your time.


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continued...I also put on 18"Motegi Racing Rims on them.....looks soo much better on Toyo Proxes
I just got an 05 xrs and I was wondering the exact same thing...:)
Well, what is so confusing is all of the harnesses plugged into the intake. theres even one plugged right into the airbox. This is the first time ive ever seen anything other than a vacuum or breather line come from an airbox. Hopefully TRD or AEM will develop an intake that is up to par.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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