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Has anyone had their 2006 Corolla CE diagnosed when it cranks over healthy ,but does not start right away?

Even aft my car has been driven and warmed up sometimes it starts right up and then other times it takes longer to start

...observations, I have listened for the buzz sound of the fuel pump with gas cap off and still can not hear the normal buzz sound when I turn the key to the on position; I can hear the clicking of the relay underneath the hood

Once the car starts it accelerates and drives fine

Car has 270k, new spark plugs, battery 7 mos old, batt terminals are clean, air filter good shape, I cleaned the MAF sensor with proper cleaner and I use only quality gas

I have read other cases like mine, but no one reports back with a final diagnosis

Thanks and sorry for being lengthy

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In addition to what Invader shared, there is a slight chance it's your starter. That's about the mileage at which my starter went out (It was around 275K or 280K or so). It would turn over and sounded like it was OK, but it wasn't. I removed the starter and had it tested at three different places. All the places said the starter "passed", but it showed as being very close to the "weak" side. I replaced the starter and that fixed the issue.

By the way, IF you have a bad starter, do not get a rebuilt house brand starter from Advanced Auto Parts. Worst piece of junk in the world. Get a new TYC starter online or get a rebuilt Denso unit.
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