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Hello, just bought a used 2006 Highlander Hybrid with 198k. Read though some of the threads and found out the radiator is common to crack on the passenger side. I seen some dried reddish pink crusties near the bottom of the core. I topped off the radiator and reservoir, to the full mark, and a couple day later noticed some wet pink fluid underneath. Looks like a Denso replacement from Rockauto is the way to go.

As I was going through the rig I noticed the rear heater blows only cold air. The hoses underneath the rig look good all the way from the front engine compartment to the passenger side rear bumper area. At that point the hoses felt warm like the heated fluid is getting back there but not sure how to get into the heater itself. Seen somewhere there might be a wire that could come off... not sure. Fan blows good and strong, just cold only though.

How does it know what temp to be? The only dial about the passenger fender well is off, low and high.

If I need to get to the assymbly does anyone know where I could get some info to disassemble the plastics to get in there? Bad heater core, clogged or electrical problems... at this point I don't know.

Thank you for any input.
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