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2006 Toyota Matrix Auto AWD
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My Matrix is what I shall call "special". It suffers from extremely slow acceleration, no matter how hard I press the gas pedal. Press it too hard and the rpms jump past 3000. Loses speed and power going up any incline. Most of the time I have to time it just right and take my foot off the gas to get it to shift into what I think is overdrive. Before I do that the rpms are usually close to 3000 at about 40-45mph. Today a friend told me it acted like I'm always in 3rd gear. Light bulb could this be limp mode
Im not sure about code C0200 (Right front wheel sensor) just haven't had much research time yet.
Code C1241 (Low battery positive voltage)
Causes. Battery
Charging system
ABS No.1 relay
ABS No.2 relay
Wire harness or connector
Break control power supply assembly
HV control system
Skid control ECU
I had the battery tested today and was told it's good. Beyond that the rest of the causes are foreign to me. I thought I saw one on site the code C1241 could cause limp mode.
Anyone have some insight on the other causes like it is something I can check or fix myself or have it tested for free some where? Is it specifically a mechanics job?
Any thing please and thanks you!!
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