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06 taco, 94 F250
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06 tacoma 4X4 with offroad and trailer pkg, Snugtop cap.
Filled it with camping gear and she squats enough that the trucks
on the hwy blink lights ect because my lights are shooting in the trees.

Is there a fix with air boots , or load balancers ect.

( in my 2001 trans-am I had air boots inside the rear coil springs I could add air too. )

Thanks in advance

side note: we drove 38 miles in deep sand nearly in the dunes all the way back up
the beach ( tide came way up ). The truck did great fully loaded, with a kayak on top.
I dont think my F250 4X4 would have made it, ( to heavy ) the ruts were very very loose
and deep, from the large trucks , first time to stress test, this truck, perfect we didnt get
Near the end of this video is the conditons we had 38 miles, this flim is from same trip
in noveber with perfect conditions.

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05 Tacoma DC 4x4 TRD
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Get an Add A Leaf or a whole new aftermarket leaf pack.
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