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06 taco, 94 F250
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Tacoma 06+ TRD offroad package on 4X4:
progressive-rate front springs, specially tuned Bilstein shock absorbers, a 28-mm front stabilizer bar and 265/70R16 BF Goodrich Rugged Trail tires on 16-inch alloy wheels.

I have been looking, reading,searching even visited my local 4X4 shop asking question
on how best to get the most lift without killing the front drive components.

There is practically nothing on upgrading this package or how this package rates against
the aftermarket packages.

Talking with shop owner I discovered with stock tires I had no real problems with the front
bottoming out ect in several trips in deep sand but like every taco the back just sucks
with a snugtop and camping gear, bottomed out on mild interstate bumps.

I have had my eye on donahoe or the like ( ajustable front coilover) .

I guess im looking for information on how the TRD offroad front {progressive} shock
setup compares to the aftermarket variety.

I want to find 2 to 2.5" of lift somewhere somehow before spring comes to dallas.
But I want the best for my setup and deep sand ( beach driving )
Note 1: No i dont jump dunes, they dont allow dune driving in texas.
Note 2: If the ribs on your CVS boots dont touch while in driveway that is acceptable,
they wear FAST if they touch constantly. That is the point where your lift is to high.

-thanks in advance

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I'm looking at Donahoe or Sway-a-way (SAW) to upgrade my lift, but I offroad more now. I need something to soak up the bumps more.

If you're mainly on-road, and smooth sand without a lot of jumping (that you can't do anyway) or ruts/rocks/dips to deal with then check out a Toytec/OME setup. That will be MUCH cheaper than DR's or SAW's coil-over setups. The Toytec as an add-a-leaf for the rear, and a taller/stiffer spring with a small spacer up front. You can keep the stock shocks too, or get OME shocks. Still cheaper than just the front parts from DR or SAW.
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