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07 4runner windshield replacement

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Hello All,

Last Sunday I was on the highway and a rock chipped my windshield well I was going to get it fixed this weekend but today the chipp turned into a huge crack. Im assuming due to the cold weather we are having. Any how I called the dealer they wanted 1105 for the windshield 200 for the windshield trim and 180 dollars in labor. Thats a total of $1485.00. Thats insane. I asked him the parts guy is there anything special on the windshield he said no...not that he knows of...

I called AARON Glass over here in Chicago they said that they would give me a brand new glass for 165.00 installed. He could not tell me the difference he said that they should be the same. Any thoughts? Once site said that Toyota has a Hydrophilic glass which act like rainx on the glass but that cant justify over 1200 of difference. Before I replace the glass wanted to know if anyone had thoughts.

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Go with the aftermarket glass. I've done so on other vehicles and as long as it's sealed properly you won't have any issues. I've never had to have the trim replaced. Just make sure the top part of the glass is tinted. You could also go through your insurance company. Mine charges $100 for windshield replacement. You'll also get the no hassle guarantee of having the job done to your utmost satisfaction since the folks doing the replacement are contracted with most insurance companies and they want to keep those contracts. If they screw up by dropping it on your paint job you'll still be dealing with YOUR insurance company and not theirs to get any incidental repairs done.

Don't forget to make sure your rearview mirror is properly attached when they're finished. Just don't pull it off before the glue dries. If it's electrochromatic then make sure it functions properly when they're finished.
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while looking at the window the other day (just bought an 08) i noticed the trim attaches to the window different than most other cars, in that when water or washers hit the window the liquid channels up the sides of the window due to trim hanging over... and also yes, the windows do have a coating on them
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