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07 Camry JBL stereo problem

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Hi all, I've searched but haven't found anything necessarily concerning the same problem my JBL unit is displaying so I'm reaching out to everybody on here. I don't have the car manual so if this problem is resolved in there, I apologize in advance, but please let me know what the resolution is. Basically, my JBL will intermittently only play sound from the tweeters. Sometimes it does this, sometimes it plays like normal (i.e. from all the speakers; therefore, I don't think the other speakers are blown). It's only happened to me twice, so I have yet to notice a pattern, but I suspect it may have something to do with the Bluetooth capability. It's just a guess, and I'm sure an unlikely one, but that's about it. I figure it could also be wiring, which I will find out when I take the area apart to get a closer look. But since it's playing from the tweeters that makes wiring or connection an unlikely culprit, right? Just posting because I wanted to see if anybody had this problem and if they've already solved it because it would save me some time. It's not a major problem, just annoying, that's all. Any relevant suggestions would be greatly appreciated, too. Thanks all.
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my jbl has never done that,

the sat button stopped working once and the display turned to what looked like fog, but it ws replaced under warrenty.
Thanks for replying anyways.
It seems that a decent number of 2007 and some 2008 Camrys with the JBL head unit sometimes have weird problems like this. Sometimes people also get some random characters displayed on the screen, the volume knob stops working, etc. My JBL head unit had all these problems and after repeated visits, pictures, and video evidence, two different dealerships refused to help unless they could personally replicate this problem. One day I was driving around and had the problem and took it straight to the dealership and left the car on until the service guy could see it first hand.

Unfortunately this is a difficult one to get resolved under warranty because, as I described above, you have to prove that the problem exists. It is a known issue but it is not classified as a recall.

Good luck!
I have the same exact problem you described. I think it's the amplifier located under the passenger seat. I'll let you know what I figure out and please post if you've found something different. Thanks!
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