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07 camry se pix

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here is my gen6 camry

bone stock:

with 19s

with 19s and lowered on eibach springs

and down she goes! coilovers installed:

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Very nice shots man, looks great on those coilovers!
"and down she goes"

Looks good man, def one of my favs on here.
Cant wait till this summer when I get to mod mine
looks good

using Unsharp Mask?
yeah, just sharpening, contrast, curves, levels and unsharp mask :D
wow, thoes wheels look awesome....super nice man:thumbup:
Perfect! Offset, size and lowered amount are all great. It all flows very nicely. Great work man.
looks nice- those wheels are the perfect size for that car :thumbup:
lol still weaksauce offsets eh milt? ;)
thanks for the nice comments!
The car looks great!

What size tires are you running? Any problems with potholes?
19x8.5, 235/35/19
nope! no problems with potholes :D
Everyone loves aberdeen's parking lot lol

How long have you had ur car for?

I'm so used to seeing ur car slammed, seeing hte pics before you had suspension looks weird
the eibach drop didnt look bad at all, but with coilovers its badass, very nice :thumbup::thumbup:
Looking SICK!!! Gotta love it!
evofire, i got it december 06, christmas clearance :D
yeah i know! when i looked at the pics of the car bone stock, there must have been a 5 inch gap!
like how it transformed pic by pic.. lol
NICE!!!!! I usually dont like really like rims without lips but those are sweet.. Not really feelin the red lug nuts though... Its not really accenting well in my opinon.. But the drop is flippin sweet though... Cant wait to get some coilovers for my car :D
everytime i look at this car i get a little depressed becasue i then have to go hop in my white ce with hubcaps that has been beaten on by the winter and ice.. Im not looking to get to that level with my car but someday soon it'll definitely be looking better

awesome job moky
Siiick car and awesome pictures.
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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