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Hello All,
I have 07 Camry LE, auto tran.
I installed my Sirius S50 radio car kit and one gripe is that the power plug for the radio is a good size, which takes up a majority of the storage bin. I would like to relocate receptacle to the glove compartment. I reviewed the manual and it describes removable of many trim pcs to get to the center console plug. My question is how involved is it to access the center power receptacle, by the arm rest. I plan on tapping from there, since trying to remove the center storage bin is more involved. Thanks in advance.
dirt diggler

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2007 Camry TCH
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dirtdiggler said:
...since trying to remove the center storage bin is more involved.
This is actually quite easy.
1) Unscrew your shift knob.
2) Shift the gear all the way down, so it is out of the way.
3) Remove the side fins on the center console
4) Pull off the center console cover
5) Remove the two screws holding the storage bin in place.
6) Pull out the storage bin, you will need to unhook the power and aux connections from the rear of the bin.

The above should not take you more than 5 minutes.

These two links have pictures that will show you how to take apart the dash. The first link will show you about the fins and center console cover, the second will show you about the center console stack.
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