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I'm a new owner of the Toyota family and I have a question about keyless entry. I currently have a 2007 Corolla CE. It did not come with a keyless entry remote, just the key. My key is capable of unlocking all four doors from the outside, so it sounds to me that it could be keyless entry compatible. I know that the next model up, the LE does have a keyless entry system installed in it. Is the CE capable of having keyless entry installed in it? Would I get this done at the dealer? Is it possible to have it programmed so that it honks when the doors are locked?

Any feedback is appreciated.


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keyless entry

you would have to go to the dealer and have them run the vin to see if it has it and just need the remotes programed. If not to see if they are capable of installing it. With a factory keyless entry on corollas the horn will not blow when the doors are locked. If not you can get one installed that is aftermarket and then the horn might blow when the doors are looked.
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