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07 Corolla S CEL Problem after installing intake...

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Okay, so this has been going on for a while, and it's getting annoying.

I installed a Spectre SRI, and moments later, the CEL came on.

When I drive it, I'll floor it or drive it normal, and it feels as if it's going nowhere. It will stay on one gear and keep revving before it switches. (Auto tranny btw)

I've changed the piping back to the original stock intake piping but left the filter obviously, and still no luck. I put my original airbox back in and everything was perfectly normal again. I've been searching on google for an answer, but still nothing.

I've took out and replaced the EFI fuse, disconnected the negative / positive battery terminal, but I'm still having no luck.

What should I do? :headbang:
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i had this same problem on my 04 camry... i just returned it to autozone..
What Spectre model # did you get? I am not sure if your got one of their universal kits or if you have their MAF Sensor Adapter Kit. If you do they have 2 different MAF Sensor Adapters, I went with #8705 which will work on other cars not on ours. After inquiring with Spectre I am currently using #9405 inline connected to the stock flex hose to the throttle body on one end and an AEM Dry Flow Cone air filter in place of the stock air filter box. This has the 3 different sized internal air straighteners so you can calibrate internal airflow past the MAF sensor. The correct one to use is the smallest of the 3. If you measure the internal diameter of the pipe on the stock airbox to this adapter you will find that they are the same size. No CEL or other issues for over a year now.
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