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07 Nav wiring diagram

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I'm considering getting the Nav system to put in my LE w/ standard 1cd system. Of course the nav systems don't plug & play with the standard 1cd units, so I was hoping to get comparison diagrams of the standard single slot unit and the Nav unit so I can see what needs to be adjusted and rewired to make it work. I plan on adding aftermarket door speakers and subs w/ amps, so the speaker connects will have to be rewired anyway.

I'm looking myself, but I thought I'd post and ask because someone may be able to access this info quicker than I. If anyone has a visual diagram or link to one, that would be great, but I'll take a list version as well (I like pretty pictures :lol: ) Thanks.
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Follow the links. You'll find out alot.

Also and follow the link on the bottom of the page.
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