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My wife's '07 Camry Hybrid has the Smart Key entry/start feature (standard on the Camry Hybrid). For the 2nd time in a year, hers has failed to either open the vehicle or start it. I've had to run down with mine to get the car opened (recent instance) or started (first instance). First time it failed was when the vehicle was only 8 months old. It gets driven daily.

I tested her key once we got home yesterday after the latest incident and it works just fine. Both times her key hasn't, she has been in the same general area of town - just a few blocks different location. A couple of other times once she's in the vehicle with it started she'll see a "Remote key not found" error on the Multi-Display information screen on the speedometer.
  1. Are there known issues with external interference with the Smart Key system?
  2. On the key fob itself, there is a tiny LED which shines through the silver colored plastic fob material on the front. Normally, you don't know it's there. I've seen this flash intermittently but can't find out what it means.
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