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07 tacoma keeps blowing ig1 fuse

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my Tacoma has been blowing the ig1 fuse. replaced alternator, old one was cooked, and still blowing. also tried to correct the speedo not working by replacing the vehicle speed sensor. checked the grounds and cleaned them problem still happening. any help on where to look next would be appreciated.
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I would find out what is being powered by that circuit, then trace the wire on each one from the fuse box to the item. One or more has a short on the hot wire. Luck.
That’s the only thing to do. Find the short. It can be a power wire or in one one of the components ie. relay, actuator, or even the ECU itself.

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The IG1 fuse powers half the stuff on your truck when it’s powered to Ignition, first click of the key.

have you made any mods to the truck? Added fog lights new stereo,etc Right before the fuse started blowing. You will be daystracking that down without some clues.
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