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'07 Tacoma Tire Pressure

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I recently purchased an '07 Tacoma 4x4 regular cab. The previous owner installed the larger 265/65R17 factory wheels and Michelin tires. Need to know what the factory tire pressure setting is for this vehicle or the access cab version 4x4 or Pre-Runner.

Thanks, Eric
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Tire pressure is only something you can figure out based on the weight of your vehicle and the type of tires.
Inflate the tires to roughly 30psi and draw a thick line across them with a piece of chalk. Drive the truck in a straight line for a couple of hundred feet and then look at your chalk line.
If it's worn away in the middle, you have too much pressure in your tires. If its worn away on the sides, you don' have enough. If it's evenly worn away, you found the PSI you should be at.
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