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'07 wheel rims replacement

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Hi all
I have Corolla '07 with 14" alloy rims, 185/65 and i need advice for replacing this shitty small rims. i don't want to lose the softness in bumps and ofcourse maintain stability or increase it. so what is the best replacement?
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is 205/45 16" a good choice
what's the pros and cons of using this size instead of the current 185/65 14"?
the 45 is a lower profile, you will feel the bumps pretty well
205/50/16 should be a good profile.
get some stock alloys from the S (15") or xrs (16" or even the 17") or scion rims paired with tires. you get the stock look, added appearance and added stability
tire price

tire prices change from 14 to 18 :thumbdown:thumbup: so beware of cost
thx a lot guys for the help. now that i decided to get 205/50/16 tyres, what class should i choose from (summer, performance, grand touring,...etc)? i live in Egypt.....which is most of the time hot weather, and the min temp would be 10 degrees celcius, no snow, sometimes it rains a lot.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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