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07 With Loud Intake...PIC

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I have an 07 corolla that i made a custom cold air intake out of tubing i got from home depot and a adapter plate for the MAS off of ebay. It has a K&N air filter and i ran it all the way down to under the wheele well of the car and made a shield to protect from water. Just wondering if anyone else has put an air intake on theres because mine is extremly loud, everyone thinks i have put some kind od performance exhast on my car until i show them i still have it all factory, sounds like a deep load muffler where my filter is?? Are they all this loud???
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Nice job. Mine's only loud at WOT, but other than that, its pretty silent until about 3000rpms. Maybe a sound clip would help.
looks good.. sound clip ftw!!

can you take some close ups?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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