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07 XR A/T - Holding the gear on turns

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anyone experience when slowing down for a turn, the car kicksdown/downshifts when you re-apply gas to enter the turn? i'm not sure if i used the right term or not. basically when i'm approaching a turn, i left go of the gas and check to see if it's ok to go. while still rolling, i turn and re-apply gas. the engine revs up and jolts into gear.

is there any fix for this?
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My 07 does the same thing. I guess it's the gearing, I don't know.....
I don't have an automatic trix, but you could probably turn o/d off and it may help. Our van behaves better around town with it off
It's the transmission.

I have a 03 XR and I know exactly what you mean.

It's like the tranny thinks we are rolling to a stop and it takes a half second for it to realize that we are accelerating during the turn.

Other than having fresh tranny fluid, there really is nothing we can do.

Should have bought a stick shift, I guess.
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