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Hmmmmm, trivia questions here. I went home for lunch and sought out all the "spare parts" ( just to be clear, I'm being self-depreciating) Toyota put in the engine compartment that might be removed when dissembling for a water-pump job . . . . turns out more than 1 bolt. What the hell is that plate (-see pictures)?

I'm calling on your absolute wealth of 07V6 Camry knowledge to tell me where these parts came from before i blow the engine before Wednesday (next free time).

I threw my care back together too quickly . . . . I was so pissed at not finding a problem with my water-pump, and wanting to curse AutoNation Toyota Las Vegas, 6300 West Sahara Ave. (I really want to give the service advisers name, but I'll stop here) for the O2 replacement. I know you can't tell just by looking at it but the old 02 sensor was in pristine condition for being in a car for 200K miles.

My DIY weekend was a mess. The water-pump gasket leak was not the gasket but a tube under the plastic engine cover see picture #1 . As it leaks, a slow one, it runs down the engine side along the water pump and dries along the edge of the pump.

Toyota charged me $150 and told me I needed a water pump replacement . . . . wrong! . . . What is that tube (see attached picture) and how to access it is nuts.

Toyota charged me $150 and told me I needed to replace Bank 2 Position 2 sensor . . . . wrong!#$ They did say they would start there and see if that removes the error.

Toyota charged me $150 and told me I needed I needed to "Oil Seals/Gasket repair" . . . . I rather just curse this one out . . . BS! The oil leak was ATF from that leak.

I complained about a knocking sound and the $150 dollar diagnostic wa so much convoluted crap . . . . . the "clunking" noise is because your O2 and crankshaft sensors are reporting errors and your cars engine is surging. This was going to be their final report until I insisted that the technician drive the car. Ooops, I guess he didn't because then they said that the problem is the transmission. The car shifts perfectly and the fact that the noise is intermittent made me tend to believe it's an axle or suspension issue. While the Service Advisor is giving me his litany of bad news he then says he'll wave the diagnostic fee of $150 if I speak to a salesman about replacing the car . . . . . you know he lost me there!

Pissed off here, the P0057 error Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 2 Sensor 2) was changed. After I put the car back together, and 10 min of test drive, all three lights came back on. It's throwing errors:
P0365 Camshaft Position Sensor "B" Circuit (Bank 1)
P0368 Camshaft Position Sensor "B" Circuit High Input (Bank 1)

I'm starting to think it's a faulty cable connector seating that occurred (related to crank shaft position sensor plug . . . I read this on one of the forums) when I had my plugs changed at 110,000 miles, or that cut splice. I still think the the error code combination holds the answer.

Now I have to strip it down to see where I missed something before the car blows up. . . . :-(

The only joy I had is the brake return line leak was fixed with ATF tubing . . . . WoooHooo :frown:


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