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08 4x4 v6 driveshaft grease ??'s

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08 sport 4x4 v6. nice truck. maintenance pamphlet says driveshaft needs lube basically every 15k miles. it says to use standard lithium grease on the "spiders" and a moly-lithium grease on the "double cardon joint". just what the hell is this in plain english? i took a look and there are grease zerks in the area of the seal near the slip joints. just what is this "double joint" of which they speak. also, they say to retorque the bolt of this double joint. that would be nice if i could only find the damn bolt. does anyone have a torque spec as well? thanks. this the only maintenance item that is hanging me up. any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks again. maybe i'm a fool but i thought that u-joints are pressed in, do they have a safety bolt that holds them in place? HELP!
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Just use Mobil1 on all the zerks and you'll be a happy camper.
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