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08 concept supra question

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what kind of engine does the 08 concept have? i was just wondering
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There is no Supra in the works. It is dead and buried right along with the Celica and MR2 The last round of concepts ended up in the form of the IS, and that is as close as you are going to get.

The latest is packing a 5.0L V8.
try a 500 hp 5.0 v10 lexus coupe. There's your new supra.

Sounds like a carerra gt.l:naughty:
yeah according to an article that i have just read they are planning on the lexus lf-a to debut in 2010 as a v-10 all wheel drive
Yeah, and if we listened to every article ever written, we'd have seen 3 different versions, on 3 different years of the MK5 Supra.

Give it up people. If one hits the shores, we'll know about it.
yeah that is a good point well i asked someone that worked at toyota when i first heard they were coming out for a supra in 08 and he told me that it was all a misunderstanding from some magazine. that basically toyota gave a speech somewhere and this magazine heard the speech and misunderstood what was said and they printed an article saying there would be which lead all the other magazine to do the same.
No one that you or I talk to could say what Toyota is doing. If you speak Japanese and know some of the engineers who'll drop some information, fine. If you're talking to a manager or something, there's no point. They really don't know anymore more than you or I.
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