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08 Tacoma Cruise Control

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Just purchased 08 Tacoma, Regular Cab. Is it possible to install cruise control?

TPJ :headbang:
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i dont see why not. my 08 came with it and nothing is different except i have a quad cab.

your gunna have to find a guide somewhere that says which wire/relay is for which (maybe use the FSM?) and purchase all necesary parts.
there is a thread on adding factory cruise, just search. really easy mod to do. good luck and welcome to the forum
Thank you for response.

Look in the section at the top of this forum with light blue color background. Under the thread labeled Maint, Diy .............. Click on the thread and look under interior mods for OEM cruise control. There are complete instructions for adding Toyota factory cruise, and it works great. I did this on my 07, and I am very happy with it. Hope this helps until you have been on the forum longer as not all the new guys have a lot of experience with search on this site. Good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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