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08' Tacoma

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heres some pics of my new 08' Tacoma

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Nice! Are those wheels painted black from the factory?
yeah there is a specific set that come like that now but u dont see a lot of them at the toyota dealers
Welcome to TN, LeonTRD :) And that's a sweet looking Taco you got there :thumbup:

Saw your intro thread over at the 05+Taco forum as well. What else are you planning to do for mods?

I reckon if you do the black headlight mod and black-out the chrome bit of the grill, it'll look like a complete package :cool: Anyway, enjoy the truck :D
Looking good. get some more black stuff on it and it'll look even better IMO.
Welcome! It is a must to do the BHLM, get the color matched front shroud/surround, and take off them badges and stickers.
The black wheels set it apart. I like it!
Nice truck! Tint and wheels look good!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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