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'08 XB Problem - "Tick" in Hatchback

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My god, this problem is annoying. Apparently, in a specific area of the hatchback (passenger side/upper part), there are are 3 plates that are spot-welded. Well, in MY car, there was too much metal at the weld, and every time I went over a bump, or the car's weight shifted, I'd hear this annoying "tick." I took it in, they removed the window, and they said they fixed it is back!!!

I LOVE this car, but this tick thing really has me pissed!
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Take it back. There also may be a problem with the "stops" in the hatch back.
Agreed. Use your warranty for what it was meant for. If there's a problem, make sure they get it looked at and resovled.
OK, they are working on getting this resolved, though another issue did come up, FYI:

It appears that the bulbs over the license plate cause the plate covering them to warp slightly. Once that plate is removed, you will be unable to put it back into place properly and you'll need a new plate. (This is the approx. 14" x 2" rectangular plate on the outside of the hatchback, directly above the license plate housing)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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