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08trdoffroad's Truck

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My 2008 Tacoma build
Updated 10/11/2018

Well, after several years of dreaming, I finally purchased my dream truck! I don't know how heavily I will mod my truck as I am not what you would refer to as a "hardcore" off roader, but I do a bit of mild off roading to get to my hunting and fishing area's, and I do enjoy playing in the mud on occasion.

08' Toyota Tacoma SR5
Double Cab, Short Bed
TRD Off-Road, Rear Locker
4.0 V6 5 speed Automatic
Indigo Ink Pearl
Purchased on October 20, 2007

Stock, a few days after I brought her home...

I lifted it in May of 2008 with 885 OME coils, TC UCA's and 1 1/2" rear block.
Here she is a little less stock, post-lift, pre-tires.

Here she is with OME lift, 17x9 Moto metal 951's, and 285/70/17 Cooper Discoverer STT's in January of 09'.

In Feburary of 09' I removed my OME lift after having problems with vibes from the front differential. I ran the truck stock except for 265/75/16 BF Goodrich AT TA KO's.

For Christmas 09' my fiancee bought me a colormatched grill and Grillcraft insert. I ordered a TRD emblem off ebay to go with it. Here it is installed...

After running the truck stock for a year I grew bored with the look of my stock truck. In Febuary 10', after much debate I ordered a complete set of Bilstein 5100's. I installed them set at 1.75" of lift to level out the truck. At the same time I put the 17x9 Moto Metal's, and 265/70/17 BF Goodrich AT TA KO's back on the truck. This is how the truck sits today....

Finally added Wet Okole seat covers thanks to a hook up from a fellow TN member, although it is only the fronts, it is a start! Specs are Navy/Black with Navy Half piping.

Auto-dim/Homelink Mirror

BAMF 100% Bolt On 80" Sliders added

1. Recall leaf packs w/Toytec AAL
2. TRD exhaust
3. Toyota RS3200 Plus Security System
4. Pioneer AVH-2330NEX headunit with backup camera
5. Front windows tinted to legal limit (50%)
6. Bilstein 5100's all the way around with the front set at 1.75"
7. 17x9 Moto Metal 951's
8. 265/70/17 BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO's
9. Color matched grill w/Grillcraft insert
10. Illuminated 4wd Switch
11. Hypertech Speedo/Odometer Calibrator
12. Wet Okole seat covers (Complete set) Navy/Black w/Navy half piping
13. EGR In-channel vent visors
14. Toyota Bed Mat
15. TRD Skid Plate
16. Plasti-dipped emblems and rear bumper
17. Auto-Dim/Homelink Mirror
18. BAMf 100% Bolt On 80" sliders
19. OEM Roof Rack
20. ECGS Front Diff Bushing

1. Dash Light swap to white or blue

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to post them up! I hope you enjoy reading through my build!
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looks great! go s/c!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking good. I didn't know that a supercharger was in your plans. That's still just in my dreams. I see you're going with chrome wheels. That will balance out well with your Off Road package bumper and grill. 17x9 will be a good looking wheel size.
Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Sntckr, A S/C is in the plans, whether it ever becomes a reality or not is still up in the air.

EDIT: S/C is no longer in the plans...
Okay I have changes a thing or two on my truck. I yanked out the rear block and installed the new toytec AAL for the TSB leaf pack...I can't even tell you how much nicer it is than the block. It looks nicer from the rear now too. And it saved me the money of replacing the rear leaf packs with Dakars for now. I also installed the Toytec Diff Drop Kit, but I forgot to take pictures. I have to pull my skids anyway to install a few extra spacers to get the skids to clear completely. So I will take a few pics then.

Here are a few pics

I also picked up some rims a few months back that will be going on in the spring wrapped with 285/70/17 Cooper Discoverer STT's. I can't wait! Here is a pic of the Moto Metal 951's 17x9's.

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I finally did it! Got my rims and tires put on yesterday! Moto Metal 951's wrapped in 285/70/17 Cooper Discoverer STT's. I still am rubbing the corner of the fender flares in the wheel well and haven't had the time to bust out a dremel.

Here are a bunch of pictures...let me know what you think...

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Thanks 6! Hey did you have to trim the corner of your fender flare to clear your 285's?

I am still debating on whether or not I should get some in channel weathertech window liners...what do you think?
yeah, sure did. i trimmed that and in the end the cab mount had to be chopped back too.
Okay, so a bit of an update. After driving my dad to work yesterday morning and his only comment was, "Your truck rides like a buckboard now." I agreed. It was riding pretty rough...

Wonder why? Well the goons that installed my tires inflated them to 50 psi! :headbang: So I PM'ed a few guys that are running the same tire and they told me right around 30-33 psi was the sweet spot(go figure that is what is on the sticker on the door). So today I took the time to let some air out and perform the "chalk test" 33 psi was right on. The chalk line wore evenly off the tire. And the truck rides pretty nice again! :)
Looking good, man. Glad to see you were able to pull off your plans while being disciplined with your progress. Looks great!
Looks great!

You guys may not understand but I will try to explain it anyway....

After putting larger tires on, I experienced my front diff vibe get worse, I was getting horrible gas mileage and the truck drove like ass. I paid alot of money for my truck and it has to last me a very long time, I decided that the lift was not condusive to the longevity of my truck. So this weekend. I removed the tires and lift. I am now sitting back at stock height both front and rear. The vibe in the front differential is now gone. This has been a valuable...but expensive learning experience for me. I will never lift another vehicle with IFS again. As for now my conclusion is the lift was causing the majority of my problems with vibration and the issue with my front differential...what ever it was, and now that my CV's are at the stock angle my problems have disappeared, along with several vibrations that I hadn't noticed until they were gone.

I am now rolling in my stock height Taco. I will be selling the majority of the lift components that are worth anything, The coils went in the garbage because after removing them for the second time I had scuffed and chipped the finsih so bad that they would have rusted in no time. I will be selling my TC UCA's after I get them cleaned up, the 1/2" top plate spacer, and the rear TSB AAL. Tires will be going on Craigslist an in the local classifieds until they sell or I will hang on to them until my bro in law needs new tires for his F150. I will be putting 265/70/17 or similar size BFG AT's or Nitto Tera Grapplers on the rims when money permits.

This was a tough decision for me, but after driving the truck sans lift. I know I made the right decision. I still love my truck, and I will miss the way it looked lifted, but I will no longer have to worry everytime I hear a weird noise coming from the front end, nor will I have to fight with the dealership to get warranty work done due to having a lift installed. And my Toyota will give me 250k+ more miles problem free. :)
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with the lift you need to shim the axles for pinion degree, thats where the vibration is.
My vibes had absolutely nothing to do with the rear end...It was all up front. I drove my truck with just the AAL and the front lift removed and had zero added vibes. In most cases that I am aware of when people tried shims they caused vibration.
I decided I would post a pic of my truck as it sits now towing my newest toy...a 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI...that thing is SWEET!

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Nice quads! :thumbsup: I recently picked one up, tons of fun! :naughty:
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