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2010 Camry SE V6
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Had a question hope someone could help me with.
I have a 09 Camry LE. Today I drove to the store, parked the car, and left it on because my friend was waiting in the car. When I returned, I realized the engine was not on, the key was a spot down from where you turn to put the engine on. I asked my friend if she had turned it off, she said no. So I blew it off and went to turn the engine on, and the car stalled. I asked her if she noticed anything during the time I was in the store, like when the engine went off. She said she didn't even notice the engine went off. I turned everything off then proceeded to turn back to start the car again and it started fine. No problems since.
The car was not in much use that day, I only had it running for 5 mins before I left to go in the store. The temp is only in the 50's. No engine light on or anyother light on.

Would you think this should be a concern, or is it sometimes normal?
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