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09 Corolla Steering Drift TSB - Review

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I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla with pretty serious EPS drift. I understand that the Toyota TSB 0140-10 has been issued to deal with it. I'm curious about what the results of this TSB 'fix' has been? Does it work? How does it change the driving feel?

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Make your dealer happy and open up Toyota's wallet for them.

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I took my wife's 10 Corolla in two weeks ago and had the work described in the TSB done. The car drives like a different vehicle. Before it was difficult keeping the vehicle going in a straight line down the highway. It required continuous slight corrections which really made for a tiresome trip when you went any distance.

Now, the "twitchiness" is gone. You can actually take your hand off the wheel and it will continue going in a straight line. I'd recommend having the TSB work performed if you are not happy with the way yours handles now.

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See if your dealer can do anything about it and if not go complain to Toyota Corporate!

They are doing this because people have complained about it and 'supposedly' it has caused accidents. Which I do believe is possible, but there also has to be a certain amount of driver error caused in an accident from 'steering drift'.
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