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09 Matrix stereo issues

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So here's the scoop . . .

Today while straining to hear something my girlfriend was saying I pushed the power button on the stereo to kill the power. When she was done, I went to turn the unit back on and the display did not work anymore. What's even more disturbing is that now every single button on the unit only functions as "eject". Can't skip tracks on a cd, can't change radio stations . . . just eject. Press the text button and, yup, eject.

I checked the fuses and they are all intact. The owners manual said nothing of this sort of thing and I don't really wanna call Toyota or take it to the dealership unless it is absolutely necessary. I mean, the car is only 10 months old so I would be quite surprised if the stereo is just burnt out.

I don't know . . . any thoughts?
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These things can happen, rare as it may be. I would be calling and making an appt with my dealer right away. This should be covered under warranty i would think.
This should be covered under warranty i would think.

It does happen. my boyfriends a vw nut. MK4 have common issues with the Junk/Stock stereo. Have Toyota fix it.
same problem

I am having the EXACT same problem! It's been going on for a few weeks, I don't want to bring it to toyota because they are going to charge me $90 to diagnose the problem even though I know what the problem is! The stereo doesn't work.
Factory radio control problems

For anyone else with this type of issue, check out:
It's probably an intermittent connection with an internal connector.
For Toyota factory radio control issues, see this post:
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