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09 Tacoma LED HELP

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I realize this isnt audio/video/security but it is tech :ugh3:

Ok, several months ago I came across all the threads about changing your dash coor from orange to something else. I finally decided to do this mod to my truck and ordered all the LED's. So far so good except 1 thing... I also want to change the switches (fog, traction control, diff lock, etc) from orange to blue. Someone had told me awhile back that I need the ones from (which is where I got the dash leds from). The part I was told to order was "Neo-wedge LED Bulb - For Corvette C5" ( I know is says for corvette but these are the only twist lock leds they have and somebody said they would work). The link is

Anyways, I ordered like 9 of these things at $2.50 a pop and who would of guessed... way too big! I know many of you have changed your cluster color so for those of you who can help, I need to know where to get the twist lock led's for the switches... Or atleast what the OEM size is so I can try to find them myself.

I have searched EVERYWHERE on this site and online for the answers but no luck.


Thanks is advance everyone!
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