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09 Venza Alarm

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I have a Silver 09 Venza V6 FWD with 135k miles. I've had this car for almost 5 years and had few issues, but 2 months ago the alarm started going off randomly in the middle of the night. The only way it it will turn off from the FOB is by opening the back hatch. Very few times it has happened during the daytime. In most cases the keys have been at least 50ft or more away from the vehicle. I've heard about the hood latch system sensor being faulty and have cleaned the connections best I can without removing any of the hardware, I finally had to resort to pulling the alarm system fuse. This worked for about a week. I drove it around town for a bit tonight and less than an hour after I got home the alarm went off. This shouldn't be possible with the fuse removed, correct?