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1.6 FE and GE heads conversion

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ok since i can convert my Dx too awd.... what about the heads can you swap the fe heads for the Ge or what about the 20 vavle ge or is that a no too lol
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i think you can swap the 16v FE heads with the 16v GE heads

but i'm not sure about the 20v GE

i want to know the answer to that one.

does any1 have a picture of it?
the 16v FE heads with the 16v GE heads
it'll bolt up but the question is on the pistons..
I think the 20v head might have issues with the pistons because of the extra valves
yeah i imagine the 20V would be a problem, why bother doing a head swap do the whole engine it wouldn't be much more work.. and you would get better power and a stronger engine....

Also what car are you trying to convert to 4wd... because i have herd the 4wd system isn't that strong and... the 4wd system uses a solid rear axle... you might wanna take a look under your car and look at all the crap in your way.. especially for the AE101
...doing a search would reveal all kinds of answers.
I'm sure the ge head would fit, but im not sure on valve angle and clearence. 5 bucks says the valves would kiss a piston.

Fe heads suck, do anything to get rid of them.
he's going to have to swap pistons too. he'll have about 8:1 compression with the 4afe pistons.
TheOtherCarolla said:
Fe heads suck, do anything to get rid of them.
Ignorant don't you think? Depends what you have planned. Ask Flashmn
Fe heads suck, do anything to get rid of them
GE heads arent all that much better.... :cool:
think of the face the 4age bigport and the 4afe power differences aren't all that big. and with the fe head you get more torque for the hp because of the angle difference in the valves.

I'd say a downfall is how it's harder to adjust the cam timing indivdually with the fe. But DOHC engines with 1 cam gear on the outside of the engine aren't all that uncommon, vw uses a chain
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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