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1 month old toyota owner! yeah!

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Hello i'm knockem. from mankato minnesota lived here for 4 years. played football for a college that suck right now but thats o.k.
I'm married with 2 kids and i own a 2005 corolla sport and i love it, my little baby super white i wanted to get the XRS but wife says to jerky for the kids, i'm like use the impala then! she says corolla or no corolla? hey fellas i'm not a little woosy, she's buying me this car and i'm like sure! i like this one, super white.
I'm in the process in putting a new sound system and all from ebay. i got 2 jl audio w3v2 with h.o wedge it is sweet mids and highs new yellow pioneers controlled by vrx935vd clarion.thats all i got now. i want to lower my springs get struts and some 18's . QUESTION? can i hipe up my little 1.8 vvti with toyota parts without messing up my 100,000 mile warranty? IF YOU CAN PLZ HELP ME i realy apprieciated thanks.
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welcome to TN:D to bad you couldn't get the XRS, that woulda bin fun
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