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The following is a list of all the DIYs available for 10th gen Corollas and 2nd Gen Matrix.

If you come up with a new one or find one that's missing, please PM me and I will add it to the list.


10th Gen Corolla General Info Thread (Everything you need to know!)

Official Photoshop Thread

Comprehensive TSB Listing for 2ZRFE

Official Aftermarket Parts Thread

2009 Corolla - info sites from Toyota

Light bulb sizes

Printable Maintenance Schedule

Brakes, Steering & Suspension

DIY: Brake Guide

DIY S Rear Disc Brake Swap

DIY: Disabling VSC (for Track purposes only)

DIY: Front Strut Brace

DIY: Rear Strut Bar (with pics)

DIY: TRD Lowering Springs Installation

How To Install/Replace Front Strut Bar

How To Replace Front Strut Coil Springs

How To Replace Rear Shock Coil Springs

How To Replace Rear Sway Bar

List of Tools Required to Install Lowering Springs

Lowering springs FAQ


DIY: Maintenance - Oil Filter and other parts and their “Part #” reference

DIY: Serpentine Accessory Belt Replacement

DIY: Oil Catch Can

DIY: Block heater install

Pivot 3 Throttle Controller Install

DIY: Turn your stock intake into CAI/partial ram air

DIY: Greddy Emanage/Ultimate Wiring for 2ZR-FE


Front bumper removal guide

Rear bumper removal write up

DIY: VIP Puddle Lighting (LED Strip Method | 2 Side Driver/Passenger | Unlock/Open)

Backup sensor installed on 2009 Corolla S w/pics

DIY: Additional Brake Lights

DIY: Clear Bra Door Cup Protection

DIY: Disable DRL / Autolights and/or Independent Fog Light Mod w/ Pics

DIY: Front Plate Relocation (lower grill)

DIY: Gas Shock Hood Damper

DIY: Hella Horn Install

DIY: Hella Horn Brackets

DIY: Custom Dual Horn Install Cable (NO SPLICE!)

DIY: How to customize front emblem

DIY: LED Headlight Strip Install

DIY: LED Strip over leadlights

DIY: Stock to LED Turn Signal Swap

DIY: Installing Fog Lights

Light setup pictures thread

DIY: Front Bumper/Head Light Removal and Projector Retrofitting [HEAVY PICS]

DIY: Alternate License Plate Lights
DIY: Roof Vinyl


How to Enable/Disable Auto Door Lock on Corolla (Manual or Automatic)

DIY: 1st Gen tC console arm rest

DIY: 2011 Corolla Antenna Plug Mod

DIY: Dome Light Removal

DIY: Radio Removal

Headliner Disassembly Video DIY Tutorial

My pedal "fix" on my XRS

DIY: Steering wheel control add-on for CE/LE

DIY: Fixed to variable intermittence wipers, switch swap

Rosen Install W/ Special features working: Backup Camera+BrakeBypass

DIY: Amp power through firewall and connect sub to stock stereo

Disabling auto door locking mechanisms

DIY: Door Inserts!!!

DIY: LED OEM Doorsills connected to door switch circuit

DIY: Footwell and Rear Passenger Lights

DIY: Footwell LED's using the dome light as a switch

DIY: Illuminated Footwells & Cupholders with Switch!

DIY: How To Make Your Own Cabin Filter

DIY: How to replace stock speakers

DIY: Hvac LED swap

DIY: Shift boot install

DIY: Under-Dash Lighting

How to Make Your Own Rear Speaker Adapters

OEM XM Radio Install Video

Rear Deck Removal/Rear Speaker Replacement DIY

DIY: Sirius Install

DIY: Corolla Flip Key

DIY: Flip Key Remote Swap

DIY: Fiber Optic Headliner

Wheels & Tires

Official Wheel Thread

Winter Tire and Tire Pressure Thread

217 Posts
Useful Threads!​

List of DIYs! (Do it yourself)

What did you do to your Corolla today?

10thGen Chat Thread

1.8L 2ZR-FE Aftermarket Parts List

2.4L XRS Aftermarket Parts List

HID FAQ MEGATHREAD! Post your questions HERE.

9012/9011 HIR Headlight Bulb Upgrade

Lowering Spring: All your questions answered!

2009 Corolla Rims Thread!

DIY Home Depot Lip Splitter

Red Out Tails and Tint Foglights

How much did you pay for your Corolla OTD?

Shift Knob thread: Show off your knobs

Borla vs. MagnaFlow Exhausts

MagnaFlow Exhaust

Borla Exhaust

Injen Exhaust

WeatherTech Floor Liners

Turbo 2.4L Research/Discussion

If you think any other threads should be added let me know!


If you find any other relevant information that should be on this thread, please let me know!
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