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According to the manual 7th gen Corolla's use 1157 bulbs for the taillights.

My question is are T2057 bulbs also compatable in our tail's?

I ask because I just had some work done at PepBoys and they had to replace my one taillight bulb to pass it for state inspection and now Im having problems with my #2 fuse blowing when I turn the lights on. Which leaves me with no tail lights or interior lighting.

I opened my tails and found these T2057 bulbs installed. So I isolated the fuse blowing to my the left side tails in which these T2057's are installed.

I changed them to the 1157 according to the owners manual and I turned the lights on and no blown fuse.

The reason this answer is so important to know is because they also re-wired the ground for the bulb. As some of you may know over time the ground where the wire meets the bulb loses its connection which leads to no brake light on one of the bulbs. Its a very common issue w/ 7th gen Corollas.

If I know its an issue with this bulb I can rest knowing that they didnt do more harm than good w/ their re-wiring job.

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