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12 pin to 10 pin

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I wanted to add steering wheel controls to my 06. I bought the clock spring with the 10-pin connector. I got the buttons from an eBay seller, but what they sent was not as advertised.

They sent what seems to be a higher end one with what seems like fog light controls? But the problem is, it's a 12 pin probably because of those extra buttons.

Excuse my novice grammar. I know enough to ask the question, but not enough to be smart. But I'm trying to learn.

I was wondering if it was possible to get a 10-pin plastic thingy and just not have the plugs from the light(?) buttons plugged in. I can process of elimination find out what ones are from the light(?) buttons or use a multimeter. And the Axxess ASWC-1 can figure the rest out.

I know this is a pretty specific diy question, but any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

New clock spring (10-pin)
Automotive tire Camera lens Gas Wrist Gadget

Buttons plug (12-pin)
Hand Finger Thumb Nail Wrist

Light(?) buttons in the middle on right side buttons
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