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$1287 so far.

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Wife cut right too soon pulling into a parking lot and drove over a curb. Cracked the oilpan, turbo oil feed return line adapter and cut the side wall on her tire. Ouch! Still have to get some tires and a alignment check. Have to replace 2 tires as present tires are discontinued and can't get replacements. Probably another $150 for tires and alignment. With her driving, I put on some H rated tires instead of the Z Volvo calls for. Since I was having the Navy Exchange Gas Station doing it instead of my self, I had to sign a disclosure that I was insisting on putting on tires that were lower rated that what the manufacturer was calling for.

Wife's gonna owe me something special this weekend.:naughty:
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Damn women drivers huh.

SOunds like my wife backing her Sienna into my Camry. It is not very noticeable onthe Sienna due to where she hit it but on my Camry it is pretty evident it has been hit. She scraped down the side of pretty good. Never got it fixed since I didnt want to shell out money for body work on a 12 year old car now.
I wish it was body damage. I would've let her drive around a couple of months before getting it fixed.

At least I got to drive a '05 S40 N/A 2.4l as a free loaner car while they were fixing hers. I had to let her drive my Camry since she works on the Navy base and needs base stickers to get on the base. I was not impressed. 168hp N/A 5 cyl compared to my wife's 163hp 4 cyl 1.9 turbo. Power was there but had to get up around 4.5k rpm to develop it (redline 6.5k rpm). Noisy. Wife's turbo 4 develops power at a lower rpm so more get up and go at the bottom end so feels faster and a lot less engine noise.
Yeah those little turbo fours from Volvo are nice. The used car dealer I was working we sold a boat load of them and they ere nice. A little small but seemed like good power and ll. JSUt not much right off the line. It seemed like the turbo spooled quickly so ti wasnt bad. I have heard that they actually ahve two versions of that engine. I guess they have what they call a low pressure and high pressure. THe low being a lower PSI and the high pressure being a higher PSI. DO you know anything about hat or know which one you ahve. IT may have only been in the earlier models. The GM at the dealership kept up with all the European cars quite a bit since he was from England. IT was jsut normal for him to know quite a bit about them.
The I4 S40 only came in the LP version as far as I know. The T5 engine came in LP and HP models and only available in S60 model and up. The S60R AWD has the T5 HP and puts out 300HP.
Maybe that is what he was talking bout and I misunderstood him.
The newer model S40's can be optioned with the T5 LP putting out 218hp in FWD or AWD configurations.

I wonder how much work would be involved in converting it to the T5 HP with 300hp? Subaru STI, watch your back!
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